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 I have been enjoying RADIO in some fashion all my life.
 My name is Mark and I live in the small town of Ashton, in the north west corner of Iowa.
Radio as a hobby is so wide and so diverse.  There seems to be no limit.
Always new things, new modes, new stations. Propagation revealing or excluding stations.
The possibilities are ever changing..the Sun spots, the noise level, the seasons. This is my hobby. This is where I live. This is what I think about, read about, dream about and where I have spent my money, my time, my sweat.
Radio is my extreme sport!
(photo  taken at VE4ARM museum in Austin Manitoba)
Marks new VHF/UHF FM antenna
Bigger is Better  (old one/new one)                               
Snowbound Vertical
December 8th 2009 Snow storm photos  Merry Christmas!!!

KB0NMQ's new QTH! Yes, still in Ashton. Still in EN23! 
KB0NMQ's new QTH!
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